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Ordered an SSL? COVID-19 Might Affect the Verification Process

Once you have decided to secure your site and purchase an SSL certificate, there is a critical step required to complete many SSL installations - the verification of your order by Certificate Authorities (CAs).

At domaindiscount24, this applies specifically to the following CAs and their brands:

  • DigiCert: Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL
  • Sectigo: PositiveSSL, InstantSSL

With the growing number of people working from home, there could be delays in verification, if certificate requestors are not reachable.

What could cause this delay?

We at domaindiscount24, as well as the CAs, are set up to process your order as usual. However, the phone verification carried out by CAs must be completed in line with the industry’s requirements to issue certificates.

Before CAs can issue a certificate, they are required to contact someone who represents the organization to confirm the certificate requestor’s authority to order a certificate for the organization. This verification call is often made to the office phone vs. an individual’s cell phone.

How can you avoid this delay?

Here are a couple of ideas to ensure the phone verification process goes smoothly and your site is secured at the earliest:

  • Monitor important phone lines
  • Forward office phone numbers to your home, mobile that you have currently have access to
  • Ensure you have access and frequently check voicemail and emails.

This specifically applies to phone numbers and email addresses used to order a certificate. CAs are likely to use these methods to connect with you or provide confirmation codes for verification.

Help Center

You can find more information about SSL certificates in our FAQs section. You can also connect with our support team in case you need further guidance.

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