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.barcelona: Pre-order now!

Mar 11, 2016

The TLD for the capital of Catalonia and the province of the same name.

Launch schedule:
All pre-orders for the five launch categories will be accepted simultaneously. The allocation will happen at the end of the launch phase window according to the hierarchy of priority status of each category. The priority is descending from Sunrise to Landrush. The intended use of the domain name must be declared for each (pre-) order.

SUNRISE: Until March 15 (12:00 UTC). Only for trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file.
PUBLIC-ADMIN: Until March 15 (12:00 UTC). Limited Registration Period (LRP) for Public Administrations with competences over the area of the city/province of Barcelona. They can register their own names and abbreviations thereof, names of online or offline public services, geographical names, the same domain names registered by them in other TLDs, and their registered trademarks.
LOCAL-TRADEMARK: Until March 15 (12:00 UTC). LRP for non TMCH-validated trademarks with effect in the city/province of Barcelona (i.e. Spanish trademarks, EU trademarks, and WIPO International trademarks with effect in Spain as well as Geographical Indications recognized by International, Catalan or Spanish legislation). Trademark ID required!
LOCAL-ENTITIES: Until March 15 (12:00 UTC). Legal entities with their legal seat in the city/province of Barcelona may register their official names (including clear variations and/or abbreviations thereof) and the same domain names registered by them in other TLDs.
LANDRUSH: Until March 15 (12:00 UTC). For registrants without priority rights.
General Availability: As of March 21 (12:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.
Price in all 5 launch categories: 175.00 EUR / 208.25 EUR incl. VAT registration fee per year and domain
Price as of General Availability: 75.00 EUR / 89.25 EUR incl. VAT registration fee per year and domain