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New dd24 Web-Interface

Nov 21, 2017

Our new interface uses the latest web technology. The focus of attention in designing the new interface has been a great user experience. The design is more like an app than a complex system, yet there is a wide range of functions and widgets that can be used intuitively, for example the right-click function for domain and product lists. Clients can personalize their dashboard and domain and hosting wizards assist to set up a domain or hosting product.

The new dd24 interface is perfect for the needs of customers with only one domain as well as for customers with an extensive domain portfolio.

Highlights of the new dd24 Web-Interface

  • Customizable dashboard with many widgets
    Choose your favorites and get direct access to important functions!
  • Industry leading auto completion and intelligent suggestion feature
    Small helpers make it easier for you to manage your domains and products.
  • All relevant details in your domain vCard
    It takes only one click to display all the important information about your domain.
  • Setup wizards for domains, SSL certificates and hosting packages
    The wizards allow you to set up your domains quickly and easily.
  • Infinite scrolling feature for domain lists
    Ideal for large domain portfolios: Scroll through the entire domain portfolio from top to bottom or jump directly to the desired page.
  • Domain tags and comments to categorize domains
    Sort and search your domains quickly and intuitively.
  • State-of-the-art two-factor authentication
    We offer a maximum security for your account data.