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Domain Transfer

Unsatisfied with your current provider? Do not wait any longer and benefit from our dd24 services! Move your domains to dd24 - domain transfers easy, quick and safe!

Please enter the domains you want to transfer into the box below. Our system automatically generates the respective transfer forms or asks you for the corresponding authcodes. Authcodes may be entered directly with the domain name separated by space (i.e. example.org 123authcode). You can transfer multiple domains at once.

There is no additional cost for a domain transfer. You only pay the renewal of the registration, this means the regular price for a registration (please see our domain price list). The renewal fee is not due until the transfer of the domain to dd24 is completed successfully.

Transfer your domains to dd24:

Note: Type in your desired domain names in the following form. Replace ### with your AuthCode. For Example: example.com sdf234.rtz6