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Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

Protect your brands under new gTLDs

ICANN has been introducing new generic TLDs step by step since 2013. This new development is a major challenge for trademark owners. The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) has been founded as a mechanism in order to help companies and individuals to protect their trademark rights.

The TMCH validates trademark / brand rights, stores the information and transmits it as needed to the operators / registries of new gTLDs. Key-Systems is an official Trademark Clearinghouse Agent and provides support for trademark owners via dd24. With our TMCH Service you can easily transmit your trademark data to TMCH.

Name Precio
Trademark Clearinghouse € 175,00/ Año * Añadir al carro

Why should you register your trademarks with TMCH?

If you register your trademarks with TMCH you can use two services:

  • Simplified applications during the Sunrise phases of new gTLDs
    The registration with the TMCH is a prerequisite for the participation in the Sunrise periods of new gTLDs. Registries for TLDs with open domain registration will give brand owners the opportunity to register their trademarks and brands after consideration by the TMCH in a Sunrise period of at least 30 days.
  • Use of the so-called Trademark Claims Service during the GoLive phases of new gTLDs
    This service will inform registrants attempting to register a domain corresponding to a TMCH validated trademark. If the registration is successful, an alert will be sent to the trademark owner. This Trademark Claims Period will be 90 days long.

Data transmission with dd24

dd24 assists you with transmitting your trademark information to the TMCH. You can enter your data and upload the required documents in your dd24 login-area.

Book now the TMCH Service and protect your trademark!