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Our virtual servers (vServer) are full-fledged virtual root servers. They are a cheap and efficient alternative to conventional servers. With a virtual server you have full, direct control over all your data and processes.

You can configure your virtual server according to your requirements. You can host your websites, manage files and much more. vServers are inexpensive, efficient, independent in the configuration, flexible, reliable, easy to manage and save energy. We offer vServers in different power levels - choose the vServer that suits your needs!

dd24 vServer packages and pricing:

vServer 512

CPU: 1 Memory: 512 MB HDD Size: 20 GB Minimum period: 6 Meses
€ 10,59/ month * Añadir al carro

vServer 1024

CPU: 2 Memory: 1024 MB HDD Size: 40 GB Minimum period: 6 Meses
€ 21,30/ month * Añadir al carro

vServer 2048

CPU: 4 Memory: 2048 MB HDD Size: 80 GB Minimum period: 6 Meses
€ 47,02/ month * Añadir al carro

vServer 4096

CPU: 8 Memory: 4096 MB HDD Size: 160 GB Minimum period: 6 Meses
€ 97,50/ month * Añadir al carro

Advantages of our virtual servers

  • State-of-the-art host systems, highly-available broadband connection
  • Root level access
  • Dedicated memory, no shared memory
  • Simple management, web-based administration software
  • Automatic installation, vServers can be used instantly
  • No set-up fee, no hidden costs
  • Personal support