How and where can I enter the IP address (A record) of my web-server?

Please navigate to Domains All Domains in the menu on the left.

Domains overview

Then, in the domain list, click on the domain name you want to configure.

Choose domain

Enter web-server IP address

Check the radio button IP address (IN A/AAAA) (2) under DNS settings (1) and enter the IP address of the web-server in the line provided. (3).

Then click on Verify changes (4).

Enter IPzoom

Summary of DNS settings

Now you see a summary of the new DNS settings.

  • On the left (1) you see the DNS settings you have entered. On the right (2) you see the result of the logic verification.
  • By clicking on back (3) you can continue to modify.
  • By clicking on Save changes (4) the new settings are adopted.
Summary DNS settingszoom

Please note:

If you want to make your website available under the corresponding www-sub-domain you need to create/update the www-sub-domain too.

Multiple IP addresses

You have the possibility to enter multiple IP addresses for a domain.

However, this is not a backup function in case one of the IP addresses is not reachable.

Multiple IP addresses

Please note:

Our system is working according to the "Round Robin algorithm" when using multiple IP addresses.

"Round Robin" is a simple technique for load balancing for network services based on the DNS.

If you have entered multiple IP addresses, the DNS server basically returns back all the registered IP addresses but in alternating order.

The first request is for example answered with [,,] and the second with [,,] etc.

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