How can I accept a transfer from another dd24 account? (Accept Domainpush)

If the internal transfer of a domain (please see Domain Push) from another dd24 account to your account has been initiated successfully, the status of the domain in the target account is marked with the icon .

Incoming pushzoom

Accept the push

  • If you want to accept the domain push please choose the domain (1) and select Accept incoming push (2) from the pull-down menu.
  • Accept the selection by clicking on Submit (3).
Accept incoming pushzoom


Please confirm the process by clicking on the button verify on the following page.


Please note:

The icon will be shown until the recipient has accepted or rejected the domain push or until the initiator of the domain push has revoked the process.

  • The domain push is free of charge.
  • A domain push does not change the DNS of a domain.
  • The WHOIS data is not automatically updated because of a domain push.
  • Webspace or mailspace packages that are connected with the domain are not transferred when performing a domain push.
  • A transfer of existing webspace or mailspace packages to another dd24 customer account is generally not possible.
  • Existing e-mail and FTP accounts must be deleted in the original account und must be recreated in the target account.
  • Please make sure that you backup the e-mails of your e-mail account and the web content prior to this.

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