How can I assign the TMCH-Service to my trademark?

Assign the TMCH service to your trademark

Finally, you must assign the TMCH service to your trademark and configure the service.

Please click on Trademark Clearinghouse:

Assign Trademark


If no assignment has been made so far, you see the dd24 internal ID of your TMCH service.

You can start with the configuration by clicking on the icon .


Step 1

Step 1: Please select the trademark you want to link with the TMCH service and click on next step.

Assignment Step 1zoom

Step 2

Step 2: Please select the available labels and go to step 3.

Assignment Step 2zoom


Now you get a summary of the settings. Please confirm them by clicking on Save.



Afterwards, you get a confirmation that your data has been saved and the application has been submitted.


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