How and where can I enter a CNAME entry?

What is a CNAME record?

CNAME records can be used to forward DNS requests to a different name without specifying an IP address.

Through your dd24 account a CNAME record can be created exclusively for subdomains (such as for www.).

How to configure a CNAME

Please click on DOMAINS All Domains.

Domains overview

Click on the domain

Then click on the domain you want to configure.

Choose domain

Create or select subdomain

Through the pull-down menu at the top right you can create a new subdomain or - if it exists already - select one.

Choose Subomainzoom

CNAME Settings

As soon as you have created or selected a subdomain, new settings are available such as the item CNAME Settings.

Please enter your CNAME in the line provided and click on Verify changes.

CNAME Settingszoom

Save changes

If the check was successful please click on Save changes to save your CNAME entry.

Verify changeszoom

Please note

  • The CNAME entry must be specified as a valid hostname.
  • There is merely a syntax check. The functionality of the CNAME forwarding is not tested.

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