How can I configure my webspace?

Configuration of your webspace

Setup and configuration of your webspace can be easily done via your customer account.

Please click on HOSTING Webspace Admin.

Select webspace


The overview provides you already with many useful information.

  • You find the webspace ID or name in the column Webspace (1). You can assign or change the webspace name via the icon. This makes the management of multiple webspaces easier.
  • The webspace status is displayed in column (2). The Status Active shows that the webspace is enabled and can be used. The status Requested shows that you have ordered a webspace but not yet paid the invoice. Thus, the webspace cannot be used.
  • The total capacity (size) of the webspace is displayed in column (3). It is not possible to join or to split individual webspaces.
  • In column (4), you see the current utilization (total quota) of the individual webspace. The load factor is displayed in percentage terms.
  • The current expiration date is displayed in column (5). The renewal invoice is created exactly ten days before expiration.
  • In column (6), you see the current renewal mode. There are two options namely autorenew or expire.
Webspace overviewzoom

Please note:

If the renewal invoice is not paid in time the webspace will be deactivated and deleted at a later date.
Please contact our support in case of cancellation and deactivation. Thus, a new invoice can be created.

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