How to create forwarding to own page? (Frameset)

Please log into your account and click on the menu items DOMAINS All Domains.

Domain overview

Then, in the domain list, please click on the domain you want to configure.

Choose domain

Select Forwarding and Frameset

Please go to DNS settings and check the radio button Forwarding (1) and then Forwarding to your own site / frameset (2).

Select the frameset of your choice from the pull-down menu (3) and click on Verify changes (4).

Select Forwarding and Framesetzoom

Save changes

On the next page you can check your settings and - if necessary - discard them again with "back".

If all settings are correct and you want to keep them please click on Save changes.

Please note:

A "forwarding to your own site / frameset" is not a fully adequate replacement for your own website.

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