How can I create a new handle?

Whois Handles

Please click on SETTINGS Whois Handles in the menu on the left in order to create a new contact handle.

Whois Handle

Create a new handle

  • By clicking on the button Create (1) you can generate a new handle.
  • At (2) you can select and modify an existing handle.
Create and select handlezoom

Please note:

It is not possible to edit an existing handle. Even in the case of only small changes a new handle is created.

Verify changes

Please click on Verify changes once you have entered the contact information for the new handle or modify an existing handle.

Verify changeszoom

Save changes

Please click on Save changes if the data is correct.

Contact handles can be used for WHOIS-Updates, for new registrations or for the assignment to a WHOIS set.

One of the handles under Whois handles is your Default handle. This is the handle that contains the details provided under User data.

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Please note:

There is merely a logical check.

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