How can I create my own mailbox?

Create Mailbox

You can create new e-mail addresses for your mailspace via the form Create new mailbox.

  • Please enter the full e-mail addresses in the line Mailbox user (1).
  • You can initially set the e-mail password in the lines Password and Confirm password (2).
  • Optionally, you can enter a Mailbox name (3) for a better organization of the mail space and define a size limit for the mailbox.
  • Please remember that mailboxes without a memory limit are still subject to the global size limit of the mail space.

Please click on Create new mailbox after you have filled at least all mandatory fields.

Create Mailboxzoom

Please note:

  • Existing mail-forwardings configured under "Mail settings" need to be deleted and added once again in the "Mailspace Admin" section in case a mail-box shall be created under the same domain name.
  • Once you created a mailbox for a certain domain in the "Mailspace Admin" section, email-forwardings under that domain should be added in the "Mailspace Admin" section only.
  • If you create an email-forwarding under "Mail settings" or if you update your mail settings with any MX records, dd24 mailboxes under that domain will stop receiving e-mail after the update.

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