How can I create a vHost within my webspace?

Webspace Details / Create vHost

By clicking on a webspace you get to the webspace details where you find many detailed information and functions.

  • In addition to the previously displayed information (1) you can configure the PHP.ini (2), import backups or edit the database (3).
  • The feature Assign web directory & domain / subdomain (4, 5, 6) enables you to create vHosts and FTP accounts as well as a connection in the DNS. Please enter the domain name with "www." into line (4). If you create a vHost for the www-sub-domain "" you should afterwards assign the root domain "" to the same directory.
  • Alternatively you can configure a DNS forwarding (forwarding to external website / URL) for "" that points to "".
  • It is possible to divide the webspace into directories by using the feature Directory (5). Thus, you can provide different content for diffent domains.
  • The FTP password (6) is freely selectable. Please use a sufficiently long and secure password and change it regularly.
  • After you have entered all details for the creation of a FTP account, please click on Verify changes (7) and Save changes.
Create vHostzoom

Created FTP accounts / vHosts

Successfully created FTP accounts / vHosts are displayed on the very bottom of the page webspace details.

  • This overview shows the web directory (1) and the subdomain(s) assigned to this directory (2).
  • By clicking on the icons (4) you can delete vHosts , change FTP passwords or assign additional (sub-)domains to a directory .
Overview created FTP accounts and vHostszoom

View details

You get further useful information about the individual vHost by clicking on this icon (3).

View details vHostzoom

Please note:

  • dd24 webspaces are capable of multiple domains. Thus, you can connect unlimited (sub-)domains of your account with your webspace.
  • This is only limitated by the available webspace size. If you want to disconnect a domain from a webspace please delete the content first (via FTP) before deleting the FTP account. Otherwise, the FTP account will be deleted, but the content is still available on the webspace and consumes space.

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