How can I use dd24 webmail?

Check your emails anywhere at any time through our dd24 webmail client - easy and comfortable. You find our webmail portal here:

You can check and send e-mails via IMAP. Furthermore, you can set a new password for the respective mailbox or configure your spam filter. Moreover, you can enable or disable the autoresponder (out-of-office message).

If you are already using our new cPanel platform for e-mail, you will need a different URL for webmail access: https://webmail.(your primary domain.tld)/

Webmail Login

Webmail Login english sitezoom

Webmail Interface

Webmail Interface english sitezoom

What to do when the quota of your mailspace is exhausted?

If you use IMAP as e-mail protocol or if there other reasons why redundant e-mails remains in your mailspace, the quota can be eventually completely exhausted.

Thus, it may be necessary to login directly via the webmail portal and delete the e-mails that are no longer required.

  1. For this purpose, please login with your e-mail address and the e-mail password, mark the redundant e-mails.
  2. Delete them by using the key sequence <Shift> & <Entf> (for Apple users <Shift> & <Delete>).

This causes that the e-mails are deleted directly and are not moved to the Trash folder. Trashed e-mails also consume storage quota.

Recommended settings:

We recommend to configure the following settings under Settings Server settings Preferences. After you did so, all e-mails in the corresponding mailbox will be shown and can be deleted if required.

Mark the message as read on deleteDeactivated
Flag the message for deletion instead of deleteDeactivated
Do not show deleted messagesDeactivated
If moving messages to Trash fails, delete themActive
Directly delete messages in JunkDeactivated
Clear Trash on logoutActive
Directly delete messages in JunkActive

Sieve scripts (Advanced users)

Regarding our mailspace, we offer full support for Sieve scripts. Sieve is an e-mail based scripting language for filtering e-mails, and for the implementation of autoresponders and many other functions.

Direct access to the Sieve Server is only recommended for advanced users, because internal dd24 scripts to move e-mails or autoresponders may be overwritten.

Port:2000, also TLS
User name:Your full e-mail address
Password:Your e-mail password
It is strongly recommended not to edit the script „default“ in any way, as this is automatically adjusted by our developers.

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