How can I configure an e-mail forwarding?

Setting up email forwarding

Please click on DOMAINS All Domains in the main navigation on the left.

Domains overview

Select domain

Please click on the domain for which you want to configure an e-mail forwarding.

Choose domain

Setting up

  • Activate Forwarding maximum of eight forwardings (2) within the section E-Mail Settings (1).
  • Enter the alias of the e-mail address (the part of the address in front of the "@") from which you want to forward to another address in the line Address (3). You can also use a wildcard (*) as e-mail-alias in your local address. The domain name (the part of the address behind the "@") for this e-mail address is fixed.
  • Then enter the (full) destination e-mail address in the line Destination of the e-mail forwarding (4).
  • Click then on the button Verifiy changes (5).
Setting upzoom

Save settings

In the following summary you see all settings that you have entered and whether the logic verification (2) was successful.

By clicking on Save changes (3) the new settings are adopted.

Save settingszoom

Please note

There is merely a syntax check - the functionality or reachability of the destination e-mail address is not tested.

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