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Under https://login.domaindiscount24.com/en you can login into your account with dd24.

  • To be able to login you need your 8-digit customer id and your password.
  • Our system will check if the login request comes from the same country as the one provided in the account details under USER-ACCOUNT.
  • In case the login is not from that country, an auth code will be created and sent via e-mail to the account e-mail address on file.
  • To be able to login into your dd24 account it will be mandatory to submit that auth code along with the login request.

Please note

In case you submit the wrong auth code 5 times, your account will be blocked for the next 30 minutes.

If you can not find your customer id, please check your in-box. In most of the emails sent by dd24 your customer id can be found at the end of the subject [in brackets].

Account settings

You can customize the login security for your account under Account settings.

Account settings

Authentication Countries

  • Under Authentication Countries your default country is shown (1).
  • One or more countries can be added through the drop-down-menu (2). Click Submit (3) to save additional countries. Afterwards you will also be able to login from that country without submitting an auth code.
  • Under Authentication Countries you see all chosen countries. There you can also remove countries (4) you have added before.
  • If required you can add additional countries (5).

Authentication Check

In the Authentication Check area you can chose whether the feature will be used permanently or it will be just activated because of the per GeoTargeting determined IP address.

  • At permanent activation this feature will be used as 2 factor authentication. You will receive a new Authentication code per email with every login attempt.
  • At activation through per GeoTargeting determined IP address you will just receive an email with the Authentication code if you try to login from a country whose IP is not enabled.

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