Can I manage the domains of several customers in my account?

As of a certain number of domains - especially if you manage several domains for different customers - it may be useful to organize these domains in separate groups.

The assignment of domains to separate groups can make your domain management easier. Two examples: You can change the domain configuration only for a particular group of domains or perform ​​a bulk update of the WHOIS data only for particular domains.

Please note:

The assignment of domains to groups is a feature which makes your domain management easier. But it is NOT a multi-user function. It is not possible to give your customers their own login credentials or give them access to certain areas of your account. Such a function is not implemented in dd24 nor planned for the future.

If you want to act as a reseller and if you manage 500 or more domains for different customers please contact our colleagues of our reseller portal RRPproxy .

Assign to a specific group

If you want to organize your domains in groups please log into your account and follow the steps as described below.

Please mark all domains in the domain list that you want to assign to a specific group.

Assign to groupzoom

Add group

After you have made your selection, please select Add group (1) in the pull-down menu and click on Submit (2).

Add group

Create or assign to existing group

  • The selected domains are listed in the following overview (1).
  • Within the line New group (2) you can define a name for the new domain group and thus create a new group.
  • Using the pull-down menu (3) you can assign domains to a certain - already existing - group.
  • Please confirm your settings with a final click on the button Save changes (4).
Group configurationzoom

Customize view

You can customize the general domain list so that the column group is visible.

Customize viewzoom

Select columns

Please click on the icon. This will open a pop-up with the selection of available columns.

Select columnszoom

Save settings

Please select the column Group in addition to the default columns and save your settings.

The domain list is now extended by the column Group.

Save settingszoom


By using the feature Filter you have the possibility to filter the domains of your portfolio by certain groups.

By using this function, you can display and modify for example only the domains of a specific customer.

Filter viewzoom

Please note:

Please note the explanations within the section "Can I configure multiple domains at once?" if you want to perform a bulk update!

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