How can I enter an MX record?

Enter MX record

Please click All domains under Domains in the main navigation on the left.

Domains overview

Select domain

Then click that domain you want to configure an MX record for.

Choose domain

Enter the host name

  1. On the following screen activate Mailserver (IN MX) (1) under Mail Settings.
  2. Enter the host name of the mailserver you want to use with the domain in the text-box (2). Please avoid to specify an IP address in that section. Use the hostname of the mailserver instead of an IP address.
  3. Click Add another line (3) in case it is required to provide further MX records for the domain.
  4. Then click Verifiy changes (4) and subsequently Save changes.
Enter MX recordzoom

Kindly note:

  • To provide the priority or preference of the MX record is mandatory. The default-priority of an MX record configured through dd24 is "10".
  • If you provide "20" as priority for a possible second MX record, this MX record will only be used in case the first one is not available.

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