How can I preregister and preorder new gTLDs?

New domain extensions

As of now new gTLDs may be registered bindingly. Become part of the new Internet era and secure your favorite domain under a new gTLD now.

In the coming years more than 700 new domain extensions will be launched. The new TLDs represent regions or cities, e.g. .africa, .london, .paris, Communities, e.g. .gay, .cpa, .hotel, as well as generic terms, such as .sport, .web, .home, .shop, .music etc.

The landscape of the Internet will change considerably and many new generic name spaces with attractive domain names will be created.

dd24 offers non-binding and free pre-orders as well as registrations of more than 700 new gTLDs.

Further information

Non-binding and free pre-orders

Order ngTLDzoom

Information about the TLD

  • If the price is accounted as 0.00 EUR as in our example above (4) this means that no start date and/or price is/are available for this new gTLDs so far.
  • In this case you can submit a non-binding pre-order. For doing so, please add the domain to the cart (5) and click on the button Your Shopping cart (6).
  • If a price is displayed you can submitt a binding pre-order for the doman name in the same way.
nTLD informationzoom

Your shopping cart

  • Now you are in your shopping cart: The status points out that the information is complete (1) and the price is 0.00 EUR (2) (non-binding pre-order).
  • If you want to pre-order the domain non-bindingly, please confirm our terms and conditions and the indication of the right of withdrawal (3) and click on the button Buy now (4) to complete the purchase process.
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Conversion of non-binding pre-orders / binding pre-orders

The fact that you have submitted a non-binding pre-order (pre-registration) is displayed in the menu (1) of your customer area. You can delete the non-binding pre-order(s) at any time.

Conversion of non-binding pre-orderszoom

As soon as reliable details on the launch dates of a new gTLD are available we will inform customers who submitted a non-binding pre-order for a domain under this TLD by e-mail and explain that the non-binding pre-order (preregistration) can now be converted into a binding pre-order. If you receive such a notice you can decide if you would like to pre-order the domain bindingly via dd24 or not.

If you want to convert, please log into your account and go to the menu item Preregistration.

Via the drop-down menu in the column ACTION you can select the desired setting (1) and submit the order (2).

ngTLD settingszoom

The domain order will be displayed again and must be added into the shopping cart.

Add ngTLDzoom

If the domain was added successfully, please go to the shopping cart.

Add with successzoom

Complete your order

  1. At first you need to decide within which launch phase you want to register the domain name (1)
    The launch phases are dependent on the respective registries and may vary greatly. However, for all new TLDs one fact is always the same:
    Only trademark holders whose brands have been verified by the service of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) are eligible to participate in the Sunrise. Customers with a TMCH validated trademark are thus able to provide a valid SMD file. 

  2. Other mandatory values may vary, for example whether a local address is required in the respective region. A notice will be displayed once the information is complete (2).

  3. Within (3) you can or must (for Sunrise applications with a SMD file) change the WHOIS data of the domain owner. You will be informed about the price and special characteristics such as a non-refundable fee (4).

  4. The total value will be calculated (5) and after the confirmation of our terms and conditions and the indication of the right of withdrawal (6) you can complete the purchase process (7).

Registration phases

The registration / launch phases depend on the respective TLD.

For all new gTLDs the following apply:


  • The Sunrise period is only for trademark holders resp. licencees whose brands have been verified by the service of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and thus are able to provide a valid SMD file.
  • We will accept only Sunrise applications with a valid SMD file. The file must be uploaded in your shopping cart.
  • The trademark owner specified in the SMD file must match the domain owner exactly.


Registration requirements and pricing of the other - "intermediate"- phases such as EAP, LANDRUSH or REGION may vary greatly and are dependent on the respective registries.

GOLIVE - General Availability

Provided that there are no special restrictions implemented by the registry this phase is open to everyone.

Claims Notification

If you order a domain name that is verified by the Trademark Clearinghouse and for which the so-called Claims Notification Service is active - is for example domaindiscount24 activated by default and can only be de-selected when ordering the TMCH service - you will see the following notice in your shopping cart:

Claims Notification englishzoom

Email confirmation

You will receive the following e-mail once such a order has been submitted:

Dear dd24 Customer,

You are receiving this e-mail because you submitted a pre-order to register xxxxxxx.xxxx with dd24 in the past.In order to provide registration services for new TLDs we are required to adopt the new ICANN RAA 2013. This includes the so-called claims notice period, during which all pre-registrations under all new gTLDs introduced by ICANN will be checked against entries of trademarks listed in the TMCH (Trademark Clearing House).

Today, we would like to inform you that a claim exists for xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.

On the website "" you will find all existing brand claims for xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.

Please click on the following link to confirm that you have received this claim notice and were informed about a potential infringement of a third party’s trademark with xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx:


If the above shown link should be broken please proceed to:

and enter your personal confirmation token into the form field:


Please note that the confirmation of this claim notice is mandatory to proceed with the processing of your application or registration.

The application / registration order will be canceled after 48 hours if the claims notice is not confirmed.

NOTICE to TMCH verified trademark holders

You will receive this message as well when you register a domain name with your trademark string beyond the SUNRISE PHASE. The notice must then be confirmed by you as well.

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