Can I deactivate the domain renewal notification emails?


You can activate or deactivate the email notification feature in the section USER ACCOUNT Account settings.

Account settings

Change settings

  • By using the pull down menu (see 1) you can change the selected language preference for your account.
  • By selecting the radio button (2) you can customize the notification system to your needs.
  • If you choose the option "No" within the section Subscribe to Newsletter (3), your e-mail address will be deleted from our newsletter list.
  • This has no influence on the distribution list for the option Renewal notification (2).
  • If you choose "No" for Renewal notification for a domain or product (2) you will not receive reminder e-mails for expiring domains or products any more.
  • By clicking on the button Submit (4) the settings will be saved.
Account notificationszoom

Please note:

  • If a domain or any other product expires due to lack of payment you will receive a cancellation invoice in which the domain or the respective product will be listed under "Service / Description".
  • If a domain or a product was accidentally deleted or disabled and you receive a cancellation invoice, it is often possible to restore the domain or reactivate the product. However, especially the restore of a domain is usually associated with significant additional costs.
  • Please contact in such cases our support team as soon as possible to learn what to do in order to restore the domain, etc..
  • If a domain was set to "Delete at expiration" you will not receive any further reminder per e-mail.

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