How and where can I order a domain name?

Register new domain

Login into your account with dd24 and choose Register new domain or Bulk registration of new domains.

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Domain search

Now you can start your domain search. You can search domain(s) with and also without TLD. By default a domain search under the TOP 20 TLDs will be performed. Under Choose you can specify your domain search by category, by region or by the extension of your choice.

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Bulk registration

Under Bulk registration of new domains you can provide several domain names including their TLD, line by line. Furthermore you can check whole lists of domain names by just copy and paste them into the search-box.

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Search without providing any TLD

You can also search for available domain names without providing any TLD. Under Choose you can select several TLDs you are interested in.

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Order domain

Once your selection has been made, click on the Search button on the right (1).

After the domain search has completed the following information will be shown:

  • (2) - Domain available: yes/no
  • (3) - the yearly registration fee

In the last column you can move one or more domains to the shopping card by clicking on the Add to cart, (4) button.
If a domain is shown as "Taken" you can start a transfer for that domain (5) in case it is your domain and you have the right to transfer that domain.

When you search a domain you can specify your search (6).

In case a domain is shown as a premium domain (7) we need to manually check the availability and the price. Send an email to and we will send you an offer.

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Complete your order

Once all domains you want to order have been moved to the shopping cart, click on the Go to Shopping cart button.

In the shopping cart you can provide additional details or change the contact handle that shall be submitted along with the registration application, if required.

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Kindly note:

Please activate JavaScript in your browser to benefit from all the features available in the dd24 domain search and in the dd24 interface in general.

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