How can I order a SSL certificate?


Please note our general information about SSL certificates.

The purchase process of a SSL certificate is divided into several steps:

  1. Order of a SSL certificate
  2. Configuration and submission of the certificate to the issuer
  3. Validation of the certificate

1. Order of a SSL certificate

Please select Order new SSL certificate from the pull-down menu Add more products at the very top.

Order a certificate

Choose your certificate

Please choose your desired certificate from the product list (1) and click on the button Order (2) to add it to the shopping cart.

Choose certificatezoom

Shopping cart

In the shopping cart, please agree to our terms and conditions (3), specify the contract period (4), and click finally on Buy now (5).

Shopping cart SSLzoom

2. Configuration and submission of the certificate to the issuer

The certificate is listed under the menu item Certificates to configure once you have submitted your order.

Configure menu

Overview of ordered certificates

Here you find an overview of the ordered certificates ...

  • that aren't yet configured.
  • that have not yet been submitted by you to the issuing agency.
  • where the validation was rejected (bad configuration).

Please click on the certificate to configure it.

Overview ordered certificateszoom


  • Please enter the SSL owner handle or create a new one in the configuration menu (1).
  • The specification of the webserver (2) is optional and does not affect the ordering process or the certificate.
  • Please copy the CSR file that you have previously generated on your server in the space provided (3). Details how to create a CSR file can be found here.
  • The name of the domain to be certified and the associated approver e-mail address is automatically read from the CSR file (4). If your CSR file does not contain an approver e-mail address, you can specify it now.
  • Please click on the button Request certificate (5) to confirm the configuration.

Please note: The entered contact information must be complete (including title / contact person / state or county).

Please note: The approver e-mail is created from this information (user / host). All communication with the issuer of the certificate is managed via this e-mail address. This e-mail address must already exist and function when submitting the configuration.


Possible error messages

If the provided details are incorrect or inconsistent, you will receive a message that might look like this:

Error messageszoom


If the information is complete you get back to the list with certificates. Please submit the certificate to the issuer by clicking on Activate. Now the issuer receives the certificate request and can process it.


3. Validation of the certificate

Once the certificate was submitted successfully to the issuing agency by clicking on Activate you can find the certificate under the menu item Pending certificate with the status PROCESSING.


Completed validation

  • If the validation was successful the certificate can be found under All registered certificates.
  • If the validation fails you will receive an e-mail and the certificate will be listed again under Certificates to configure. Here you can re-configure it and submit the request again.

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