How can I register a trademark in domaindiscount24 / Key-Systems?

A registered trademark is a nationally or regionally (i.e., multi-nationally) registered mark on the principal or primary register in the mark’s jurisdiction.

This means that the trademark in question must have national effect and be registered at the time it is submitted for verification. The following are not considered registered trademarks and will not be eligible for inclusion in the Clearinghouse.

Trademark applications:

  • Trademarks registered by a city, state, province, or sub-national region.
  • International trademark applications made via the Madrid system unless the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect.
  • Registered marks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition or rectification proceedings.

The following are not considered registered trademarks but might be eligible for inclusion in the Clearinghouse under another type of trademark:

  • Well-known or famous trademarks, unless they are also registered.
  • Unregistered (including common law) trademark.
  • Court-validated marks.
  • Marks protected under statute or treaty.
  • Other marks that constitute intellectual property.

Register a trademark

You can enter your registered trademark that you want to validate with the Trademark Clearinghouse, in the section TRADEMARK ADMIN

Please note: You can't use the Trademark Admin to register a trademark!

Select Trademark Admin

Select Trademark

Please follow the instructions below to enter a trademark in our system:

Click at TRADEMARK ADMIN on Trademark.

Select Trademark

Add new trademark

Click on Add new trademark on the following page.

Add new trademark

Configuration: Step 1

At Step 1 of the configuration provide general information:

  • (1) Marktype (Registrered Mark / Court Validated Mark / Statue or Treaty)
  • (2) Name of the Trademark
  • (3) Entitlement (Owner / assignee / licencee)
  • (4) The contact data of the trademark holder (as Handle)
  • (5) Additional information
  • (6) If the data is complete, please go to the next step.
Configuration: Step 1zoom

Step 2 - Selection: Registered Mark

The required data in Step 2 depends on your selection regarding Marktype (1) on the previous page .

Selection: Registered Markzoom

Step 2 - Selection: Court Validated Mark / Statue or Treaty

Selection: Court Validated Mark / Statue or Treatyzoom

Step 2: Complete the information

Please complete the information requested in Step 2:

  • (1) Date when trademark was registered and date when trademark will expire (Format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • (2) Trademark Register Number.
  • (3) Legal responsibility for trademark.
  • (4) Trademark classification.
  • (5) Information about the individual classes.
  • (6) If the data is complete, please go to the next step.
Complete the informationzoom

Configuration: Step 3

At Step 3 please select the appropriate options.
Multiple selections are possible.

SDM Inclusion: (Signed Mark Data)

ICANN has released the internet draft version (00) of the mark and signed mark definitions, also known as SMD. The draft defines the mapping for marks and signed mark data. The SMD files generated by the TMCH will follow this definition. This draft could be referenced by EPP extensions related to the implementation of the TMCH by Registries and Registrars. The draft has gone trough an extensive review and can be considered a stable reference. More Info: Link to SMD File

Claims notify:

Use of the so-called Trademark Claims Service during the Go Live phases of new gTLDs: This service will inform registrants attempting to register a domain corresponding to a TMCH-validated trademark. If the registration is successful, an alert will be sent to the trademark owner. This Trademark Claims Period will be 90 days long.

Configuration: Step 3zoom

Configuration: Summary

In the next step, the data will be displayed as a summary again.
If the data is correct, please save the data.

Configuration: Summaryzoom


The successful storage of the data will be confirmed at the end.


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