The shopping cart

Settings and changes

In the dd24 shopping cart you can check your settings, make changes or complete mandatory information.

  • In column (1) you can review the spelling of the domain name. You can delete it if necessary using the red . Please check the domain name carefully because a successfully completed registration can't be cancelled.
  • The status of the domain is shown in (2). The message Information complete indicates that the registration request can now be submitted. If required data is missing you will be informed (see section 6).
  • Using the pull-down menu (3) you can change the registration period of the domain if possible. Not all registries support domain registration periods of more than 1 year.
  • If additional services as a trustee service, are available for a domain, you find this remark in column (4) Additional costs. Please check if you need such a service at all because the indication does not necessarily means that the service is required
  • All prices exclusive VAT for the selected registration period are listed in column (5). Within (6) you see - highlighted in color - one or more notification boxes if further settings are mandatory for the registration.
  • Within (7) you can enter contact details for the respective domains. You have the option to create new contact handles, and to assign a unique handle or - if you have already created whois sets - an existing handle set to each contact.
  • By clicking on the button Save whois set you can give a meaningful name to the whois data and save it as a complete set.
  • Under (8) you can select a nameserver set from the pull-down menu. Furthermore, you can determine if the selected whois/nameserver settings shall be used only for this domain, for a group of domains (e.g. for all .FR) or for all domains in the shopping cart.
  • To complete the checkout process successfully you must read and agree to our Terms and Conditions (9). The total amount of your order is displayed downright (10). By clicking on the button Buy now (11) you can submit your order.

Kindly note:

Registration requests can be processed only upon receipt of payment. If you choose an automatic payment method such as direct debit or credit card, the order will be processed immediately.

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