How can I create or delete a subdomain?

What is a Subdomain?

It is very common to search a website under their www-address, like "".

In this case "www" is a sub-domain and "" is their main- or root-domain.

Through your dd24 account you can create and also delete sub-domains as long as you use our (default) name servers.

How to create a Subdomain?

To create a new subdomain login into your account with dd24 and click the domain.

Choose Domain

Create new subdomain

On the following screen you can see the configuration page of the root-domain.
Please choose Create new subdomain from the drop down menu in the upper right.

Create new subdomainzoom

Enter the name

Enter the name of your new sub-domain in the textbox (e. g. www) and click Create a subdomain.

Create subdomainzoom
  • Now you need to configure an A record, an URL forwarding or at least a TXT record. This is because it is not possible to save an empty sub-domain in the DNS zone of a domain.
  • Finally click Verify changes and Save changes to save the DNS settings of your domain.
  • A so-called source-record for your new sub-domain will be added in the DNS zone of the domain.
Subdomain verify changeszoom

Please note:

  • After your new sub-domain has been created, it may take several hours until it will become available in the DNS.
  • It will need up to eight hours until changes in the DNS of a domain will take effect.

How to delete a subdomain?

To delete a subdomain, choose the subdomain from the drop down menu in the upper right and then click Delete subdomain.

Delete subdomainzoom


On the following screen click the Remove button to confirm the deletion and the subdomain will be deleted.


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