How can I transfer a domain to another dd24 customer? (Domainpush)

Difference between domain transfer and domain push

Domain transfer

  • If you want to transfer a domain to another provider you must initiate a transfer request via your new provider.
  • If you want to transfer a domain to dd24 you must initiate a Transfer request via the dd24 account.

Domain push

Apart from this, it also possible to transfer a domain internally to another dd24 account

In such a case you do not need to initiate a transfer but you can use the feature domain push.

Perform a domain push

Please log into your dd24 customer account in order to perform a domain push.

  • Please select the domain (1) that you want to move into another customer account.
  • Please choose Domain Push (2) in the pull-down menu and click then on Submit (3).
Perform a domain pushzoom

Verify the push

On the following page, please enter the 8-digit customer ID of the target account (4) into the line Push domain target and verify the push (5).

Verify the pushzoom


The domain that is to be pushed is now marked with the icon .

The icon shows that the domain push has been initiated and that the domain shall be moved to another account.

The icon is shown until the owner of the target account has confirmed the domain push.

Domain push overviewzoom

Terminating the process

The process can be terminated at any time as long as the domain push has not been confirmed in the target account.

  1. For termination please select the domain that is marked with the icon , select Revoke push from the drop-down menu and click on Submit.
  2. This must be confirmed on the following page. Then, the process has been terminated.

Please note:

  • The domain push is free of charge.
  • A domain push does not change the DNS of a domain.
  • The WHOIS data is not automatically updated because of a domain push.
  • Webspace or mailspace packages that are connected with the domain are not transferred when performing a domain push.
  • A transfer of existing webspace or mailspace packages to another dd24 customer account is generally not possible.
  • Existing e-mail and FTP accounts must be deleted in the original account und must be re-created in the target account.
  • Please make sure that you backup the e-mails of your e-mail account and the web content prior to this.

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