How can I update the name servers of my domain?

What is a name server / DNS server?

Name server are kind of a "phone book" for the Internet. Name Servers do translate human-friendly computer hostnames into IP addresses.
A DNS name server stores the DNS records of a domain name, such as IP address (A or AAAA) records or mail exchanger (MX) records.
Example of a resource record: IN MX 10

The above resource record specifies that the server "" is the mail server (MX) of "".

You can also use your own or even external name servers with a domain. In this case a domain update is required.

With a domain update new domain data (Whois data and/or name servers) will be submitted to the corresponding registry.

Please note:

If you are already using dd24 mail- or webhosting, these services will stop working after the domain has been updated with external name servers.
Also external web- or mailhosting services will stop working after you have changed the name servers of a domain to our (default) name servers.

Update the name servers

To change the name servers of a domain, login into the corresponding dd24 account first. There, click the domain.

Choose domain
  • On the following screen activate External nameserver and provide the name servers you want to use with the domain.
  • If you want to use our (default/domaindiscount24) name servers, please choose "Default nameserver".
  • As long as you use our name servers with your domain, you will be able to configure the DNS through your dd24 account.
  • Click Verify changes. After the syntax has been successfully checked, click Save changes.
Enter name serverzoom

Please note:

  • When the domain has been successfully updated, changes in the DNS are only possible through the new name servers.
  • After you have updated a domain with external name servers, the DNS zone at our (default) name servers will be deleted.
  • For this reason an additional job will be created. You find this job in the menu on the left under Requested jobs.
Order with timestampzoom

Please note:

It can take up to eight hours - sometimes more - until a change of name servers will take effect.

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