How can I configure a URL forwarding?

Configure a URL Forwarding

Please follow these instructions in order to configure a URL Forwarding for a domain.

After you have logged into your account, please click on DOMAINS All Domains in the main navigation on the left.

Domains overview

Select domain

Please click on the domain you want to configure.

Choose domain

Configure forwarding

  • Please go to the section DNS Settings (1). Please activate the option Forwarding (2) as "Source" and select External Destination.
  • Please enter the URL or the domain name to which you want to forward the requests for the domain in the description field (3).
  • You can determine the "type of forwarding" in the pull-down menu (4). Simple and hidden forwardings (frame forwarding) are available.
  • Once all information is complete please click on the button Verify changes (5).
Configure forwardingzoom

Save changes

Now, you see a summary of the future DNS settings.

  • In area (1) you see the settings you have entered. In area (2) you see the result of the logic verification.
  • By clicking on back (3) you can continue to modify. By clicking on Save changes (4) the new settings are adopted.
Save changeszoom

Please note

  • It is usually not relevant if you specify the destination URL with or without the prefix "http://". Nor it is relevant whether the destination is reachable or not.
  • The request is redirected to the destination URL just in the way you have specified it.
  • There is merely a syntax check - the functionality of the destination URL is not tested. Therefore check the functionality of the destination URL in advance.
  • Kindly note it may need up to eight hours for DNS changes to take effect,

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