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General remarks

If you have created an account for dd24, but haven't ordered any products yet, you see the following details after your log-in:

  1. Menu – Here you can find all menu items that are relevant for your account.
  2. You can order domains or other dd24 products here.
  3. Your customer ID and your available debit (if applicable) are displayed here.
  4. Here you can see your current language selection and the remaining minutes until auto log-out (for safety reasons, if your inactive).
  5. Here you can choose one of the available filters that directly influence the visual display of your account.
  6. By clicking on the symbol you get to the column selection that directly influences the filter functions.
  7. Advanced functions such as Bulk Update, Domain Lock, Domain-Push und Group Features can be found here.

Please note

The menu is created dynamically and adapts depending on the products you have ordered.
Please activate JavaScript in your browser.

Dynamic created menu

Dynamic Interface

Information about your domains

If you have already registered domains the visual display of your customer account extends by the following information and provides further important details:

  • Besides the domain name (1) you see the associated TLD (2) in a separate column (2) which makes it easier to sort the domains.
  • The following column (3) is important if you want to transfer-out the domain: it indicates if a Transfer/Domain Lock is active for the domain (status of the domain according to WHOIS: "clientTransferProhibited"). PLEASE NOTE: Not all registries provide Transfer/Domain Locks.
  • In this column (4) you can see the current domain status in our system.
  • In the column (5) Reserved until: you see the current expiration date of the domain. This date may vary from the registration term due to cancelation and transmission periods. Thus, the registration term seems to be shorter but the shown expiration date has no influence on the real duration of the registration with the registry.
  • The notification “xx Remaining days“ (6) appears 3 months before the domain expires and is just for your information. It gives you enough time to change the renewal mode of your domain to “Delete immediately” or “Delete at expiration date” if necessary.
  • By activating the check boxes (7) you can select multiple domains at once to modify them.

Information about domain states

processingIndicates that the registration application has been submitted to the responsible registry. Response is pending.
transferA domain transfer to dd24 has been initiated; the transfer isn't completed yet. The duration of a transfer depends on the individual TLD.
reservedThe domain was registered successfully and can be used.
requestedYour domain registration application has been deposited in our system but your payment is pending. The registration request will be submitted to the registry as soon as we receive your payment.
externalIndicates that the domain is registered with another provider. However, the domain is managed through your dd24 account and uses our DNS.

Please note:

The renewal of the domain name and an eventually required WHOIS update must be processed through the registrar of the domain.


In the menu DOMAINS you find several options for the management of your domains.

  • All Domains provides you with a total view of all your domains. The list enables you to configure your domains.
  • External Domains: These domains are registered with another provider but they are configured via our system using our nameservers.
  • If dd24 is participating in the launch of a new TLD you can manage your Pre-registrations of desired domain names here. We can't guarantee for the successful registration of a domain on its launch date.
  • Following the option Renew/Delete Domains you can directly change the renewal mode of your domain(s).
Webinterface Domains

Your nameservers

By clicking on Your nameservers you are forwarded to a list of all your domains with the possibility to directly change the nameserver settings.

  • The symbol Modify your own nameservers indicates that your are using your own nameservers for this domain. By clicking on the link you can enter new nameservers, switch to a new own set or switch to the dd24
  • The symbol Modify your own nameservers indicates hat your are using the dd24 nameservers and their configuration for this domain. You can use this option as well to enter or register your own nameservers.
Own nameserverszoom


In the menu HOSTING you find several options for the management of your webspace.

  • With Webspace Admin you have direct access to your webspace and related functions.
  • If you are looking for the properties of your database please follow Your databases. Here you can control the working load and change your password if required.
  • Mailspace Admin provides you with all the details related to your mailspace.
  • Details about your vServers can be found following the menu item Your vServers.
Hosting Menu

SSL Certificates

The menu SSL Certificates has three menu items.

  • All registered certificates shows all the certificates ordered successfully, configured correctly and validated by the issuer of the certificate.
  • Pending certificates shows all the certificates ordered successfully, configured correctly BUT not yet validated by the issuer.
  • Certificates to configure shows all the certificates ordered successfully, BUT not yet configured (correctly) and not yet validated by the issuer.
Webinterface SSL Menu

Trademark Admin (Trademark Clearinghouse - TMCH)

The area Trademark Admin supports companies and individuals to protect their trademark rights.

The TMCH validates trademark / brand rights, stores the information and transmits it as needed to the operators/registries of new gTLDs.

Webinterface TMCH

Please note:

You can't use the Trademark Clearinghouse to register a trademark!


  • Nameserver Sets: Here you can combine nameservers and create them in one set.
  • Whois Handles provides you with the option to create new handles or modify existing handles.
  • Whois Sets: You can create a new Whois set from existing or newly created handles. Using Whois sets simplifies the registration process.
  • The option Framesets allows to generate your own small HTML pages where you can directly forward your domains to another page.
Webinterface Settings

User account

You can administrate your user account via the menu below.

User account

User data

The personal information of the account owner is displayed in the section User data Information can be changed if required.

Changes have to be saved successfully.

Please note:

If you make changes regarding First Name /Last Name or Organisation, an existing debit authorization automatically expires and must be re-issued, otherwise debiting the account is no longer possible. This is not a bug but a security feature, since it is possible to transfer an whole account to a new owner.

Your personal information will be automatically used as owner contact for registration if you do not not enter differing Whois infomation in the shopping cart at the registration process.

Webinterface Userzoom

Password for your user account

Furthermore, you can enter a new password for your user account here.

Account Passwordzoom

Payment options, notifications and invoices

  • In the section Payment options you can choose or change your desired payment method.
  • Following the menu item Account Settings you can customize your global account settings such as notifications, Newsletter, Account language etc.
  • At Invoices you can find all the invoices of your account. You can print the invoices if necessary.


All jobs are listed here that have ever been requested for your account.

You can search for specific jobs by using the filter function.

The other areas such as

  • Requested jobs
  • Successful jobs
  • Failed Jobs

allow for presorting your search. Please remember that jobs can be displayed in several areas.

Interface Jobs


SERVICES provide you with some useful tools.



With Whois you can perform a Whois search for every domain.

Please note: The result of a Whois query depends on the respective TLD or the respective registry.

Whois Webinterfacezoom

.ru Documents

The menu item .ru Documents will be become visible only after the registration of a .RU domain.will be become visible only after the registration of a .RU domain.

The .RU registry introduced new registration rules in April 2010: Registrants of .RU domain names (owner contact) - must verify their identity by submitting respective documents.

This change applies to all existing .RU registrations as well. The non-submission of documents to the registry results in the fact that the domain can't be traded, transferred or deleted anymore.

Which documents are required?

- For legal entities / companies: A copy of an official document confirming state registration (certificate of registration, excerpt from the trade register)

- For natural persons and entrepreneurs: passport or ID card copy

  • The documents must be readable, personal details and date of issue must be obvious.
  • You can submit the documents in your national language, no need to translate them.
  • Please save the documents as a PDF file and upload this single file for the respective handle.
  • The file must have the extension .pdf and must not exceed 2MB.
.ru documentszoom

.htaccess Generator

The .htaccess Generator allows you to set up a simple password protection for a specific area of your homepage.

  • At (1) you can decide if the content of a directory is for public access or not, if access is granted to any logged-in user or only to users inside a specific group.
  • At (2) you can name the password prompt. The text is displayed in the window of the prompt.
  • By clicking on the button verify changes (3) you can continue and save the settings.
.htaccess Generatorzoom

Add group

If further information is required, they will be displayed at this point of the process.

Add groupzoom

Add User / Password

Add User / Passwordzoom

Create files

At the end of the process, you will receive the information for two files.

With this information it will be possible for your to create the .htaccess and the .htpasswd file.

Please copy the generated files to the specified places on the web server. Now your password protection is enabled. Please note that the generator does not store the entered data permanently.

Affiliate Program

Key-Systems offers you the opportunity to earn money with the dd24 affiliate program. An affiliate program is a win-win business. You place our link or banner on your website. In return we pay you a commission when a visitor of your website successfully registers a domain on dd24 through your link.

Find more information at DD24 Affiliate.

Please note:

Before generating your own personal affiliate link, please read our affiliate terms and conditions.

Affiliate Program

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