My domain only resolves without www.

Domain without "www."

If your website can only be reached without "www." this is usually caused by an incorrect or incomplete DNS configuration.

There are several possibilities to configure your domains so that they are displayed both with and without www.

Please log into your account and click on DOMAINS All Domains.

Select domain

Domains overview

In the domain list, please click on the domain name you want to configure.

Choose domain

Expert mode

Activate Expert mode in order to extend the configuration menu.

Expert Mode ENzoom

Now the Expert mode configuration menu will be shown:

Expert mode configuration menuzoom

Create subdomains automatically

Also the menu item Create subdomains automatically becomes available. You can activate the www. subdomain for your domain name and/or select the catchall functionality (wildcard *).

Please note that the wildcard * may stand for everything in front of the dot. Thus, you may also reach your domain with for example

Wildcard subdomain

Subdomain wildcard

www subdomain

Subdomain www

dd24 web-hosting

If you use dd24 web-hosting you can simply solve the problem by creating a vHost with www. within the section HOSTING Webspace Admin.

Menu webspace admin

In the overview of the vHosts on your webspace, please click on the icon behind the respective domain.

Subdomain dd24 Webspacezoom

Enter the domain name and a password

Then enter the domain name with www. in the provided line. Please enter also a password for the new host and complete the process by clicking on Submit data.

Subdomain name and password

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