How do I install WordPress?

Scroll down to the software section and click on software, then the WordPress logo. On the next page click the blue Install button.

Under software set up, you will install WordPress at the root of your domain, please clear the field Choose Installation URL (remove WordPress from the field), this field indicates a folder under your root where WordPress would be installed.

Select the domain to use for the installation in this section, the protocol HTTP or HTTPS, and the WordPress version to install. If you do not see the HTTPS available, make sure to complete the SSL section above first and then do the installation.

Continue to complete the site settings: site Name and site description. You will be able to update this after the installation has been completed. Set up your passwords under the Admin account and then choose the language for your installation.

We suggest that if you are new to WordPress to leave the last section as they are.

Enter your email at Email installation details and start the installation by clicking the blue install button.

You can access your dashboard at

How do I uninstall WordPress?

Please notice this is not reversible!

Scroll down to the Software section and click the Softaculous icon. On the next page, click the application Install button at the top. Then, from the right-click the Remove icon (Red X) and remove the installation.

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