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Administration DNS

Manage your domains that are registered with another provider easily through your dd24 customer account.

In order to benefit from this service please use the dd24 nameservers for the respective domain(s). Enter the nameserver details into the configuration menu of your external provider/registrar. Once you have done so, you can manage these domains within your dd24 customer account. Please note that you can neither change the whois data nor the original nameserver settings or the initial domain name registration term with dd24. However, you can use our URL and email forwarding services as well as the dd24 webspace and mailspace products with your external domains.

The contract period of this service is 12 months. In case you do not want to renew this service for external domains after one year, please choose the option "Delete" in your dd24 customer account before the end of the one year period. The connection between external domain and dd24 is removed by using this option. The actual registration term of your domain name will not be affected. Furthermore, you must clear the dd24 nameserver details in the configuration menu of your external provider/registrar again.

External Domain - DNS Administration:

€ 3,50/ Année *