5 Ways to Use Your Domain Name

Lisa Baltes

You can build a beautiful-looking website with no coding skills or use your domain in a couple of different ‘low effort’ ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Congratulations, you have taken the most important step and registered your domain! From this point onwards, you can get really creative.

The good news is that you can build an appealing website with no coding skills, but also use your domain in a different way.

1. Build a website on it

You can easily build your own website with easy-to-use tools like a website builder. You can simply use drag & drop options to create a compelling and interactive website. If you are technically savvy you could also use your own hosting with WordPress themes and plugins.

We recommend keeping it simple and starting with a few pages. You can always add more content as you go.

Pro Tip: Create a strong brand and visual design by sticking to a limited number of colors (2 to 3 or use the ones in your logo). You can use free images from Unsplash.com or Pexels.com to support this.

2. Set up a branded email address

A branded email address means having an email address like hello@yourdomain.com instead of [email protected] or [email protected]. A branded email address certainly makes you look more professional.

You will need to set up email hosting to create your branded email id.

3. Create an online store

If you are a business or an entrepreneur, selling online adds several advantages to your business - greater reach, being open 24/7, lower operational costs, and more. The following chart emphasizes the importance of e-commerce.

If you decide to sell online, you can use a site builder with ecommerce capabilities or use a specialist like Shopify. All eCommerce enabled products usually include hosting and security which ensures you and your customers can transact safely.

Pro Tip: You can also just redirect your domain to your existing Amazon or Etsy store. It’d make for a great call to action on your social media, offline advertising or word-of-mouth promotions. How great is it to say find me on JanesRugs.co vs. find me on amazon using Jane’s Rugs which doesn’t even guarantee they will reach you.

Just log in to your dd24 dashboard and redirect your domain name.

4. Start a blog or build your portfolio

If you want to use your website for a more personal purpose, why not set up a personal blog or a portfolio? You can use it to share recipes or your latest travel adventures with others.
You can use a great website builder or a popular blogging platform such as WordPress. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to get started. Your first post might just be a welcome message, an introduction of yourself, or an announcement of the blog’s intent. Once you go online with one simple post, others will follow naturally.

Pro Tip: Develop an editorial calendar and decide on how often you want to publish. Well-structured and scheduled content will keep your followers interested.

5. Redirect it to your social media page

If you are still unsure about the use of your domain name, you can forward your domain to your social media account. This service is free of charge at dd24 and gives you more time to figure out the next steps.

Overall, our advice is to get out there and get started. Keep in mind that you can edit your content and design at any time. So if you were just waiting for a sign to take the first step – this is it.

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