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Service Status

Please check notifications about maintenances and system updates here.

If you are experiencing problems with the dd24 website or the customer login, we recommend to check the service status at first before contacting the support team.

21-09-2020: System maintenance on October 20

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020 the domaindiscount24.com website will be undergoing essential maintenance and will not be available between 07:00 - 11:00 UTC.

However, all operations such as pending registrations will be processed. This major upgrade will support improvements to our website moving forward. Thank you for your patience!

06-08-2020: Alternate outbound mail gateway rollout​

We have successfully evaluated an alternate outbound mail gateway which will prevent emails from being blocked due to the IP reputation. We are currently rolling out these changes to all cPanel and mail hosting servers, and expect to have this completed by 14th August. Mail hosting customers should see these changes reflected right away.

25-06-2020: IP Blocks at Microsoft

Currently, our multiple mail gateway IPs are blocked at various Microsoft services. This is in spite of the fact that our IPs appear on no other blocklists, and have a high reputation.

Unfortunately, Microsoft offers no transparency into their RBLs apart from what we see in their non-delivery reports. Our technical team has requested delisting for all affected IPs multiple times, and from multiple places within Microsoft.

Please find a list of actions we are currently working on.

  • We request delisting from Microsoft daily
  • Additional send limits have been configured and enforced on servers
  • An additional layer of outbound spam checks is under discussion
  • Additional mail gateways and IPs are in the process of being deployed.
  • Updates to our procedures allow us to identify and suspend spamming accounts much sooner

We will provide regular updates with more information on this issue, based on the latest information from our administrators, as it comes to hand. Thank you for your patience. Please do not hesitate to provide any feedback or questions in response to this message for review by our management.