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As you put a lot of time, effort, and money into your website, you want it to be secure. An SSL certificate encrypts data such as payment details and blocks access for third-parties.
  • Secure your data transfer

  • Improve your Google ranking

  • Demonstrate high security standards

SSL Certificates
SSL Security

Protect Your Website & Business

With SSL you guarantee the authenticity of your website identity and increases trust among customers.

Good and favorable

$ 24.75 /year*

RapidSSL from Rapid

  • and

  • Domain validation

  • Up to 256 bit encryption

  • Annual purchase

Most popular

High security

$ 87.51 /year*

SSL Web Server

  • and

  • Organization validation

  • Up to 256 bit encryption

  • Annual purchase

Extended Validation

$ 162.06 /year*

True Business ID with EV

  • and

  • Extended validation

  • Up to 256 bit encryption

  • Annual purchase


$ 99.05 /year*

Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard

  • *

  • Domain validation

  • Up to 256 bit encryption

  • Annual purchase

Which Certificate Is Right For Me?

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business - we've got you covered.

Beginner I Domain Validation
Secure your site with our low-priced domain validation, perfectly suited for everyone just starting off. A Standard certificate is suitable for the encryption of basic transactions such as intranets, mail servers, and web-based applications that are not so much at risk for phishing or fraud.
Business I Organization Validation
Our Business certificates offer full organization validation and up to 256-bit encryption. Companies operating in a highly competitive industry where brand association and consumer trust are important differentiators benefit from our Business certificates.
Enterprise I Extended Validation
Extended validation offers the highest level of authentication. You benefit from increased consumer confidence and reduced transaction abandonment.
Multiple Domains I Wildcard
Wildcard certificates secure multiple subdomains on one server with a single certificate. You get high levels of encryption for unlimited hostnames.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWe have your answers

Why do I need an SSL certificate?
An SSL certificate encrypts data such as credit card details or personal information and blocks access for third parties. Through a specific validation process, it ensures the authenticity of your website identity. With an SSL certificate, you increase trust among customers and online search rankings. We offer several options to secure your website depending on the intended use and how sensitive the data is, that needs to be encrypted.

Most browsers like Safari, Google Chrome will tag your site as Not Secure without a trusted SSL certificate.
Can a SSL certificate affect my Google ranking?
Google has confirmed that a website secured by an SSL certificate has an advantage over other sites that are not secure and encrypted.
How do I install my SSL certificate?

Add your desired certificate to your cart, agree to our terms and conditions, choose the runtime, and finish your purchase. Once ordered, your certificate will be displayed under the menu item SSL. The configuration by you is done in 6 steps via the assistant. By clicking on Save, it will be sent to the issuer to process the order. After completed validation, the certificate is active.

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