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Whois Search

By performing a Whois Search you receive useful information about a domain name.

Please enter a valid domain name in the form below. The Whois Output specifies details such as name, address, and phone number of the administrative, billing and technical contacts of the domain name, when available.

To use Whois Domain Name Search for domain availability, simply type in the domain name you are looking for. This domain name must be a second level domain, for example “yourdomain.com”.

Get in contact with a domain owner

If you want to get in contact with a domain owner (registrant), please refer to the publicly available Whois data provided by the respective TLD registry.

Follwing data privacy requirements, Key-Systems does not publish contact data of its registrant customers in the public Whois for many top level domains.

To contact these registrants you can visit domain-contact.org and send a message to a registrant of a domain managed through us via a contact form.