What Is a .kids Domain?

Lisa Baltes

There is a new star in the domain sky - since November 2022 .kids is open for registration. This domain extension is all about creating an online space with children's best interests at heart.

What is .kids?

.kids is a dedicated internet space for everything related to children and serves as a sustainable source of support for children's rights and welfare initiatives.

.kids is operated by the DotKids Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for a better cyberspace promoting positive child development (just imagine youtube.kids or netflix.kids as a source of kids-friendly content only).

Why .kids?

Funny, memorable, and meaningful, .kids is an easy solution to building lifelong brand loyalty. You can use your domain to promote your clothing brand or to convey educational expertise. 

Let parents know you're choosing a safe, trusted, and positive online experience for kids. To curb inappropriate material for children on .kids domains, the .kids registry, along with partners who advocate for children, has established a set of protective guiding principles.

Who is .kids for?

Anyone can register and use a .kids domain name. However, it’s focus are products, services, and infotainment for children and parents.

.kids is suitable for you if

  • You as an individual or as a company want to create entertaining and educational web content for children and teenagers.

  • You are a parent, educator, or caregiver looking after the wellbeing of children.

  • You want to blog about your mom and dad adventures.

  • You are a charity that benefits children and their families.

Aiming to create a digital space for creativity, insight and community building? Then register your domain name today starting at €47.99/ year.

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