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.ong Domain


  • Public Interest RegistryRegistry provider: Afilias

    General Information about .ong

    .ONG (e.g. for organisation non-gouvermentale in French) is the translated equivalent for .NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) regions where Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) are most prevalent. Non-Government Organizations are defined as organizations whose mission and activities are broadly centered on improving the human condition, and are non-governmental and non-profit. The .ONG TLD will solely be open to Non-Governmental Organizations who pass all established eligibility requirements. This TLD will support NGOs to find and share information with other NGOs, promote the organization to potential donors and partners and to raise funds online to support the special cause. .NGO and .ONG are sold as a package; by registering the .NGO domain, you will also reserve the same name in .ONG, and vice versa.

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