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Domain registration: Simple, fast and cost-efficient

You need one or even several domains for your website? Then you should not lose any time to get your desired domain. Each domain may only be registered once and domain names are given out on a first-come, first-served basis – the domain belongs to the person who is the first to register it.

Simply enter your desired domains in the search field and we check for you whether the required name is still available – free of charge and without obligation. In addition, we will make alternative suggestions if your preferred domain has already been assigned. Maybe there is another domain that fits your needs even better.

Multiple search: Register the most important names

You want to register several domains all at once? Simply enter your desired domains in the search field and we check for you whether the required name is still available.

The domain structure

A domain consists of a domain name (second-level domain) and a domain extension (top-level domain). The domain name can be chosen by the user, but has to be unique. It may consist of letters, numbers and hyphens. There is no distinction between upper and lower case. The exact requirements depend on the domain extension and the responsible registry.

The most popular top-level domains are usually the country-specific: .de for Germany, .fr for France, .es for Spain and so on. There are also generic domain extensions such as .com or .org. To register a domain, you need to choose both, a domain name and a domain extension.

The right domain name

Before buying a domain, you should carefully consider at which web address you want to be reachable in the future. You should choose a short, concise name, without hyphens, numbers or special characters, which is also well suited for search engines.

The ideal domain name is one that is directly related to your website content – for example, your name or the name of your company. Another possibility would be to create a fantasy name. In order to avoid legal problems, however, you should first make a trademark search for each domain name. On the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office you can find out whether the desired name is already protected.

The right domain extension

As the number of domains is constantly growing, bottlenecks may occur within the most popular extensions. In addition to the so-called CNOBI domain extensions .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info, country-specific top-level domains are very popular. If your first choice has already been taken, you have the option of using an alternative domain extension.

Since 2013, due to the sinking number of available domains, more generic top-level domains have been gradually introduced. These do not cover a geographical field but a thematic one. Thanks to generic domain extensions, domains that have been sold out long ago can be purchased with a different ending. At domaindiscount24 you can choose from more than 1000 domain extensions and thus get a step closer to your desired domain.

Several domains for your website

You would like to reach an international audience with a multilingual website? In such a case, the best way to reach visitors is to use a language- and country-specific version of your site with the appropriate country-specific top-level domain. Even if you have a single website in only one language version, you may still benefit from registering several domains and redirecting to the main domain, the one you communicate in public. This way, you can be sure that users that mistype the domain or misspell your company's name will still end up on your site. In German-speaking countries, special characters are very common. If the registry allows special characters, you should also register this spelling of your domain to make it easier for interested persons to access your site.

domaindiscount24 registers your domains for you and takes care of all the required formalities. In addition, we offer webhosting solutions for private and professional websites – the ideal basis for a successful start of your website.

* Price excl. VAT($ 1.06 = € 1.00), Home country: Outside the EU. ** The discount scale applies only to domains, not to hosting products and SSL certificates. Combination with other offers or special prices is not possible.

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