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dd24 affiliateprogramma

Word onze affiliate-partner en ontvang 15% commissie voor nieuwe domeinregistraties.

Het is gemakkelijk om geld te verdienen met dd24: plaats een dd24 affiliate link en/of banner op uw website. U ontvangt commissie voor elk domein dat door een nieuwe klant wordt geregistreerd die is doorgestuurd naar het dd24 webportaal door te klikken op de link/banner op uw website. U kunt tot maximaal 15% van de nettoverkoop van iedere betaalde en afgeronde domeinregistratie verdienen. De gedetailleerde algemene voorwaarden van het affiliateprogramma kunt u hieronder vinden.

Creëer uw eigen persoonlijke Affiliate link:
<a href="http://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid= Uw klantnummer">Krijg uw eigen domein!</a>


<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/125125/en/dd24_default.gif" width="125" height="125"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/125125/en/dd24_ssl.gif" width="125" height="125"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/125125/en/dd24_websitebuilder.gif" width="125" height="125"></a>


<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/72890/en/dd24_default.jpg" width="728" height="90"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/72890/en/dd24_ssl.jpg" width="728" height="90"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/72890/en/dd24_websitebuilder.jpg" width="728" height="90"></a>


<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/160600/en/dd24_default.jpg" width="160" height="600"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/160600/en/dd24_ssl.jpg" width="160" height="600"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/160600/en/dd24_websitebuilder.jpg" width="160" height="600"></a>

Medium Rectangle

<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/300250/en/dd24_default.jpg" width="300" height="250"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/300250/en/dd24_ssl.jpg" width="300" height="250"></a>
<a href="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/?affiliateid=CUSTOMER_ID" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.domaindiscount24.com/files/afl/300250/en/dd24_websitebuilder.jpg" width="300" height="250"></a>

1. Object of the agreement

Key-Systems GmbH offers you the opportunity to earn money with our new Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program operates under a the win-win principle. You place our link or banner on your website and in return we pay you a commission when a visitor forwarded through your link successfully registers a domain. You can earn up to 15 % of the net sales (according to the respective registration fee paid by the customer) for each successful, paid and final domain registration by a new customer which is generated through a click on the link or banner on your website. Furthermore, you benefit from subsequent domain registrations of that customer, until he reaches the discount rate of 15% in our system. You have the possibility of choosing from a large assortment of banners you can place on your site.

2. Requirements

The registration is free of charge and contains no obligations towards Key-Systems GmbH. The participation in the Affiliate Program is voluntary and can be terminated at any time by either party. A prerequisite for the participation in the Affiliate Program is the opening of a customer account (free of charge) with www.domaindiscount24.com. The participation is limited to websites which are released to participate by Key-Systems.

3. Commission

The commission will be credited to your customer account no earlier than 6 weeks after payment by the customer, as during this period bank debits and credit card payments may be cancelled. As a cancellation can also be made at a later point in time under certain circumstances, the commission payout occurs under reservation of a potential clawback. Commission statements which contain mistakes may be corrected by Key-Systems. In case of doubt the internal accounting data of Key-Systems is relevant. The payment of the commission occurs on a monthly basis. In your customer account you can review a summary of your revenues. We will pay you the total commission provided that the total commission exceeds 25 Euro. If the total commission owing from us to you is less than 25 Euro, commission payouts will take place quarterly.

CAUTION: The Affiliate Program is only applicable for new customers. Private registrations for yourself or Affiliates will not be accepted. The commission payment is dependant on the contractually agreed upon use of the advertising media.

4. Rights of Key-Systems

Key-Systems reserves the right to modify the conditions of the Affiliate Program, determine new commission rates or terminate the Affiliate Program with a notice period of 1 month. When modifications are made, all participants will be informed via email, to allow them sufficient time to decide whether they want to continue or discontinue participation in the Affiliate Program.

5. Obligations of the Affiliate partner

The Affiliate partner may only use advertising media which are made available by Key-Systems for use in the Affiliate Program. Advertising media must be used unmodified and as provided by Key-Systems and their use must follow instructions of Key-Systems at any time. Modifications to the advertising media provided are not permitted. The use of the advertising media may not be misleading or harmful to Key-Systems or third parties. Key-Systems permits no placement of hyperlinks and/or banners on Websites that display or incite to violence, sexually explicit contents or discriminating statements or representations regarding race, sex, religion, nationality, handicap, sexual inclinations or age and or hyperlinks to other sites with any such contents. Claims for damages, liability claims and other costs, which result from an offence against this regulation, is to the full responsibility of the Affiliate partner. The Affiliate partner is obliged to remove links from the Affiliate website within 2 working days at request from Key-Systems. The Affiliate partner shall indemnify Key-Systems against any claims of third parties based on a violation of the above mentioned obligation as well as violations of applicable law.

6. Liability

The Affiliate partner is solely responsible and liable for all contents of his website. As long as gross negligence or intention of such cannot be proven, Key-Systems will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits or data, arising in connection with this Agreement or the Affiliate Program. Furthermore, Key-Systems' total liability arising with respect to this Agreement and the Program shall not exceed the total amount of fees paid or payable to the Affiliate partner under this Agreement. By placing an Affiliate banner or link of Key-Systems GmbH d/b/a domaindiscount24.com on your website, you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program. Any additional agreements are only valid in written form.