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cPanel Hosting

We offer fast and reliable hosting solutions for private and professional users. Our cPanel hosting all-in packages include webspace, mailspace and storage space for your databases. They can be flexibly combined and are tailored to your needs. You decide how much storage space you need and distribute it to webhosting, mailhosting or MySQL databases as required.

With cPanel we offer the perfect hosting solution. Benefit from many tools and possibilities to manage your website easily and fast even without advanced knowledge. Please note that cPanel Hosting is currently in BETA phase.

With our hosting packages we offer full FTP access, PHP support, MySQL databases and personal email and phone support. We guarantee high availability, security and fast response times. We do not charge set-up fees or hide costs for our first-class hosting services!

Order your cPanel package now:


Przestrzeń dyskowa : 5 GB Bazy danych MySQL : 3 Skrzynki pocztowe : 15 Bezpłatny SSL: tak Addon domains: *0 Softaculous installations: 3 Cron Jobs: nie Minimalny okres : 12 Miesiące/Miesięcy
$ 3,53/ Miesiąc *


Przestrzeń dyskowa : 20 GB Bazy danych MySQL : 10 Skrzynki pocztowe : 50 Bezpłatny SSL: tak Addon domains: *1 Softaculous installations: 10 Cron Jobs: nie Minimalny okres : 12 Miesiące/Miesięcy
$ 5,29/ Miesiąc *


Przestrzeń dyskowa : 50 GB Bazy danych MySQL : 25 Skrzynki pocztowe : unlimited Bezpłatny SSL: tak Addon domains: *2 Softaculous installations: 25 Cron Jobs: tak Minimalny okres : 12 Miesiące/Miesięcy
$ 9,71/ Miesiąc *

First Class

Przestrzeń dyskowa : 100 GB Bazy danych MySQL : 50 Skrzynki pocztowe : unlimited Bezpłatny SSL: tak Addon domains: *3 Softaculous installations: unlimited Cron Jobs: tak Minimalny okres : 12 Miesiące/Miesięcy
$ 17,67/ Miesiąc *

* The number of additional websites you can host on this package.

The Best Software: Easy to Install

The Softaculous Oneclick-Installer enables you to easily install a wide range of different web installations on your dd24 web space in only a few steps. That saves you valuable time, as downloading, unpacking and re-uploading the software to our servers is no longer necessary.


All features at a glance:

  • SSD Hosting
    SSD Hosting uses solid-state drives to permanently store data. We offer you the latest SSD hosting to reduce the loading time of your website and make a good first impression with your visitors.
  • cPanel
    Manage all services easily in a single place. cPanel is the industry standard and provides a reliable, modern and easy to configure wehhosting solution.
  • Free SSL Certificates
    In connection with our webhosting packages we offer the possibility to activate free SSL certificates. Please note that not all hosting packages include free SSL certificates.
  • Oneclick Installations
    Easily install various web applications using the Softaculous Oneclick Installer. Please note that the Oneclick Installer is currently in BETA phase.
  • PHP Versions
    You can easily install and use different PHP versions at the same time on your server.
  • Cron-Jobs
    Returning tasks are carried out in a resource-saving and automated manner. Please note that not all of our hosting packages contain cron-jobs.
  • Support of PHP and MySQL databases
    Our mail servers support the transmission protocols POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Set up your email accounts according to your needs.
  • Management through the webmail client
    Check your emails anywhere at any time through our webmail client – easy and comfortable. Configure your mailbox according to your needs. In the webmail portal you can also activate an automatic absence message.
  • Unlimited traffic
    Our prices are fixed prices, not depending on website and e-mail traffic.
  • Personal support
    An experienced support team assists you by email and telephone with any questions about your hosting packages
  • No setup fee, no hidden costs
    All listed prices are final. We do not charge any setup fees or hide costs.

* Cena bez VAT ($ 1,05 = € 1,00), Kraj pochodzenia : Poza UE .