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Korean variants of .com & .net

Jun 16, 2016

Pre-order now domains within the Korean IDN TLDs .닷컴 (= .com) and .닷넷 (= .net).

Launch schedule:
Sunrise: Until June 19. For trademark owners with a valid SMD file. First-come, first-served.
Priority Access Program (PAP): June 20 - August 15. First-come, first served. For existing registrants of .com / .net domains (in ASCII or IDN script) that registered their domain prior to the start date of PAP. The exact matching domain within .닷컴 / .닷넷 must be registered through a registrar that is the same registrar-of-record for the existing .com / .net second-level domain.
Landrush: August 16 - 29. First-come, first served.
General Availability (GA): As of August 30. First-come, first-served.


  • Sunrise & Landrush: € 19.04 registration fee per year per domain PLUS a non-refundable application fee of € 220.15*
  • PAP & GA: € 19.04 per year per domain*

* Price excl. VAT($ 1.06 = € 1.00), Home country: Outside the EU.