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Pre-order your .madrid domain name!

Sep 13, 2019 - New TLDs

You can now pre-order .madrid domain names. This city TLD represents the capital of Spain. Registrants must have a nexus to the Community of Madrid, such as being a resident, offering commercial or cultural services, or being otherwise directly or indirectly related to Madrid.

Launch Schedule

There are 4 launch categories wich are opened simultaneously until December 10. The allocation of the applications will happen at the end of the 4 launch categories according to their hierarchy of priority. The priority is descending from Sunrise to Landrush. Our price*: € 61.99 / year plus a refundable application fee of € 135.99. The categories are:

  • Sunrise: Only for trademark holders with a TMCH-validated trademark (SMD file required).
  • Local Trademarks: For local trademarks and denominations of origin not validated by the TMCH.
  • Local Entities: For local companies and non-for-profit organizations; no fantasy names allowed.
  • Landrush: For registrants without priority rights.

General Availability:

  • General Availability starts on December 17. First-come, first-served. Our price*: € 61.99 / year.


City TLD for Spain's capital

* Price excl. VAT($ 1.07 = € 1.00), Home country: Outside the EU.